Charity Nomination Process

Charity Nomination Process

Nomination and Donation Process ROK members have the opportunity to nominate a local charity of their choice (the charity must have a CRA number, and their services/programming in Orillia & area). Once nominated, we will reach out to the charity and request a brief description of their services. A list of all nominations is compiled into a survey and emailed to our members. Members then have ten days to read and vote for their ‘favorite’ charity. The group with the highest votes will receive a $200 donation from each individual ROK Orillia member (the more members we have, the larger the donation). Members do not need to be present to vote, as long as you have access to emails, you can place your vote. The remaining charities will stay on the list for future donation voting (no need to renominate or reapply). Members will have three weeks following the Giving/Donation Social to make their payment, and the chosen charity will issue a receipt for the full ($200) amount to each member. *Donations go directly to the charity, not through ROK in any way. We make it clear to the receiving charity that they DO NOT add your contact information for future mailings. The recipient charity will be invited to our Giving/Donation Social to thank members and tell us what they plan to do with the funds. We will gather for a photo opportunity, and members can make their payment that evening if they wish (you have three weeks to make your payment). There are two Giving Socials per year, each member will donate $400 total, to two different local charities.

Submit Your Nomination for the Ripple

If would like an Opportunity to be awarded this charitable gift, Please Download the form from the button link and return to

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Please join us at 6:00  Thursday November 28, 2019 at the
Geneva Event Centre 16 West St S, Orillia, Ontario.

We are looking forward to a fantastic evening with members and prospective members.  This is our 3rd Social in 2019, where we will share stories from the Ripple of Kindness Orillia Chapter. We will welcome current members, new members and all ladies who may be interesting in learning more about the ripple.

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