Ripple of Kindness

…is a gathering of like-minded women who recognize the need for community support, creating ripples of change in our community for the greater good of Simcoe County.

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The Ripple of Kindness (ROK) is an opportunity to support local chapters of charities through collective giving. It is a simple idea where like-minded ladies gather for an enjoyable evening and share their love and support for local groups that need a helping hand. It is also a great way for small charities to be introduced and make a personal connection with a network of leaders.


ROK Orillia members are asked to make a small donation*, twice per year and then nominate a charity from a predetermined selection of local charities, for which they are passionate. A list of charity nominees and information about their services are compiled into a web-based survey. Members then have ten days to read about the charities, conduct their own research, and select a preferred charity. The charity receiving the most votes receives a $200 donation from each ROK member, creating a substantial gift.ย  For instance, if ROK Orillia attracts 50 members, the first donation would be $10,000. Tax receipts are then issued by the charity. The more ROK Orillia members, the greater the donation to the chosen charity. The remaining charities need not re-apply for consideration during the donation period and other charities can be nominated throughout the year.

Our Evening Events

Please join us at 6:00 Thursday November 28, 2019 at the
Geneva Event Centre, 16 West St S, Orillia, Ontario.

We are looking forward to anther fantastic evening and our final for the year.ย  This is our 3rd Social of the Year, where we will stories from the Ripple of Kindness Orillia Chapter. We will welcome current members, new members and all ladies who may be interesting in learning more about the ripple. Join the Ripple Today.

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Ripple of Kindness Orillia Chapter

Ripple of Kindness Fast Facts

The First Ripple was Started in Barrie by Mary-Anne Frith & Barbara White

  • Ripple of Kindnessย (ROK) members are from or work within the greater Orillia area
  • Ripple of Kindness socials are held quarterly at various host venues. Venues and food/beverage donations welcomed.
  • Ripple of Kindness members commit to donating $200.00 each, twice per year โ€“ tax receipted. With 50 members, the selected ROK charities would each receive a meaningful donation of $10,000.
  • Ripple of Kindness was founded in Barrie Ontario in 2016 by Barbara White and Mary-Anne Frith and now has over 250+ members!
  • Raquel Ness and Amber McGarvey-Moreland co-founded the Orillia Chapter in 2018. ROK is a community group for inspiring, like-minded women, who recognize the need to support local community services by collectively donating to charities, making an impactful donation.